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Brooklyn boiler repair provides services for boiler repairs, servicing, installation and replacement in Brooklyn. We have a team of well trained and qualified professionals with decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry 

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About Us

Our team are highly trained in all aspects of boiler repair, boiler installation and maintenance. Along with this, we use cutting-edge equipment and tools; this is why we can be confident to detect your boiler fault first time. Our technicians have seen and made every boiler repair under the sun, including those on hot water and steam boilers , this is why we can quickly diagnose any problem and get to work on a solution .

We offer a unique service for boiler repairs in Brooklyn with a no fix no fee policy, if we cannot repair your boiler we won’t charge you a cent, in the unfortunate event we cannot repair your boiler we will give you a free quote for any parts required but in most cases, we will have the part available either from our van or local merchant, all of our vans and storeroom are stocked up with a wide range of the most common boiler parts to ensure we have your boiler working as soon as possible.

Types of Boiler we repair

Traditional boilers

We repair the traditional Heat-Only Boilers that has a two-tank system. One of the tank stores cold water while the other tank is helps to maintain the normal water level of your home’s central heating system. There are many benefits of having a traditional boiler in Brooklyn. Some of these include: keeping up with Brooklyn heating demands, and when you have low water pressure from your mainline, there is no downside to the capability of the traditional boiler. Most traditional boilers are also compatible with older heating systems. However, the major downside to owning a traditional boiler is that they take a lot of space, and if the tank is not insulated properly, you will lose more energy than alternative options.

System boilers

System Boilers performs the same function as a traditional boiler, but in a more energy-efficient way. Unlike the traditional boilers, system boilers have a single-cylinder that stores hot water (like the traditional boilers). The major difference between the traditional and system boiler is in how the boiler unit is constructed. The hot water & heating system parts are built into the boiler unit itself, versus standalone units. This boiler system makes it more simple and easy to install the unit – as they do not require a separate tank to achieve the same result. Some of the advantages of having a System Boiler unit installed are that they are compatible with solar heating systems making them more energy-efficient than other alternative options. You can ask us  for a price estimate on which boiler installation option is best for your home in Brooklyn today!

Combination boilers

A Combination Boiler system combines a central heating boiler and a high-efficiency water heater. The system doesn’t need a cylinder to store the water because the combination boiler heats the water from the mainline directly. Price estimates for combination boilers tend to be cheaper than traditional boilers because they are smaller, more efficient, and less complicated. Another reason to consider a combination boiler is that there is no need to worry about water pressure – as mentioned previously, the water is heated directly from the mainline. Another great reason to select a combination boiler is that there is no waiting time and hot water is on-demand because it does not have a tank storing water

Who needs a boiler repair in Brooklyn?

Even when your homes’ boiler is still working in perfect condition, there are common warning signs you should look out for. Preventive routine maintenance can help avoid a costly breakdown of your boiler. If you notice any of the following problems below with your boiler, it’s time to call Brooklyn boiler repair

No Hot Water Coming from Your Boiler?
We all know how the winter is in Brooklyn, if there’s no hot water or heat coming from your radiators; you’re likely in need of a boiler repair. The most common reason for no hot water is low pressure within your boiler. Before giving us a call, you can check the pressure gauge on your boiler, if it’s below 1, it’s time to give us a call and be rest assured we’ll get it done.

Home utility bill unusually high
It’s absolutely normal for your home utility bills to increase during the winter months, but if you’re noticing an usually higher than last year bills or  you’re paying more than what your neighbors, there might be a problem. Boiler units in the process of breaking down will work less efficiently and leave a dramatic increase on your monthly energy bill. Request a call back to get a repair cost estimate with us today.


Some furnace Systems in Brooklyn are prone to crack during seasonal changes in temperature. This may cause your boiler to crack leading to leaks. Although leaks may seem easy to ignore but it can lead to total property loss. If water isn’t in your boiler, it’s effectiveness & efficiency drastically decrease. Request a call back today and have a Brooklyn boiler repair expert right away to have your home’s furnace professionally diagnosed & repaired.

Boiler On, but Not Heating Consistently
If your home boiler unit on but not giving off enough heat on a cold Brooklyn winters day, The water is likely not circulating properly and thus can’t consistently heat your home properly.

Unusal odor emanating from your Boiler
If you notice an unsual odor around your boiler, this may be a gas leak which can be very dangerous if not quickly attended to. If it’s not a gas leak, unpleasant odor can indicate a problem with your ventilation system which might also require a boiler repair team to come in & investigate.

No matter the problem, our Broolyn boiler repair technicians will determine what needs to be repaired before any work is done so you know exactly what solution is best for your home’s boiler system.

Our technicians are seasoned professionals in the heating and cooling industry. Let our experience be your guide. We service every boiler make and model, and can handle any and all your heating needs, from installation to repair: Thermostat Problems, radiators not working,Odd noises.

No matter the problem, our Brooklyn boiler repair technicians will determine your heating & boiler needs and finances before any work is done so you know exactly what solution is best and affordable for your new boiler system.

Why Choose US

No Hidden Charges

Some Boiler repair technicians try to take advantage of people in emergency situations, especially during winter. We can guarantee that there are no hidden charges with any of our boiler services.


We believe that quality boiler services Brooklyn shouldn’t leave a dent in your wallet. This is why we make sure that our services are affordable. When you call on us for any of our boilers services, you get quality and affordable service

We are reliable

We take pride in providing quality boiler services in Brooklyn. Whether you a new boiler installed, an old one replaced or repaired look no further. Brooklyn boiler repair is the best option for you.

Quick response Time

We know how important it is to quick get your boiler working back again. This is why we make sure to get to our clients who need us as quickly as possible.

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